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Survivor - Kaoh Rong - Episode 5 - Discussion Post

Feel free to discuss your thoughts on tonight's episode within.

Remember, posts in this thread may (and probably will) contain spoilers. Enter at your own risk.

Remember to use LJ-Cut any other posts. Thanks!
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All of my eye candy seems to be leaving this game. Not fair.

It made sense to get rid of a beauty, as the other beauty is replacing them. Thai wasn't going anywhere. He is too valuable around camp. Scot is smart to try and get with Thai.

Poor girl having to go live by herself. Only 18. At least she bucked up and did not drop out.
So I got to thinking last night about the hidden immunity idols. So far one has been found at each beach, but with the twist of two idols fitting together, why hasn't anyone thought about the possibility of a second idol at each beach? Even if I found one or knew one was found and knew about the twist, I would still keep looking.

I was also wondering how they were going to do the tribe shuffle with an odd number of people. I think I would be happy to be the person not involved for a few days. I'm an old hermit and enjoy being alone. I would take the time to rest and get my head in the right place for the rest of the game. I think Julia, who was sent to live alone was letting her head get the best of her. She should have thought that no matter which tribe she ends up on, she has at least one ally since her alliance got split three ways. (Well except her ally got voted out, but she didn't know that was going to happen.) Still there are members of her old tribe of each of the new tribes so she wont be going back to complete strangers.
What a fascinating character Peter is. So smart yet so stupid. I find him almost compelling to watch
I don't quite know what his strategy is, except "be in control". Cause really, he's on the outs with the brains. If he makes it to the merge, the brains won't keep him. Why didn't he align with the two beauty and one brawn?
He doesn't have to because he's in control!!!
Book smart vs. street smart.
All the education in the world doesn't teach you how to interact with other human beings.
This is why I love Survivor and quality reality TV. It's such an interesting insight. In life Peter is highly regarded and respected. In reality he's not worthy!